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Senate to Environment Minister: do your job

The Senate has called on the Environment Minister to do the job the community expects him to and actually protect the environment, says Queensland Greens Senator and spokesperson for the environment Andrew Bartlett.

The Senate passed Senator Bartlett’s motion demanding the Environment Minister protect the Great Barrier Reef by controlling land clearing in catchment areas.

"Large-scale clearing in the catchment areas of the Reef results in increased runoff, damaging coral and encouraging invasive species like the Crown of Thorns starfish.

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Notice of Motion

26 June 2018

Notice of Motion


Mr President,

I give notice that on the next day of sitting I shall move that the Senate –

(a)  Notes that

(i) over 36 000 hectares have been earmarked to be bulldozed in catchments flowing into the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park under permits brought in under the previous Liberal National Party government in Queensland;

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Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett has today announced he will be resigning from his Senate seat

Andrew Bartlett 16 Jun 2018

Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett has today announced he will be resigning from his Senate seat in late August to focus on campaigning for the House of Representatives seat of Brisbane.

“My time back in the Senate has given me the opportunity to speak with people around our state and one thing is clear to me - Queenslanders are sick of the stranglehold corporations and political donors have over our politics.

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Greens to Environment Minister: introduced species don’t need heritage protection

The Environment Minister’s support for the NSW government’s move to use heritage laws to protect horses in the Kosciuszko National Park is farcical says Greens spokesperson for the Environment, Senator Andrew Bartlett.

“An Environment Minister who was committed to discharging his duties instead of backing up his mates in NSW would make the tough decision and protect vulnerable ecosystems and threatened species against major damage being caused by introduced animals. 

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The Government neglects the environment and our Reef, no one is surprised.

The budget papers have shown that the 400 million dollars allocated for the Great Barrier Reef are a smokescreen for the government’s continued inaction on global warming, threatened species, and environmental protection, says Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett and spokesperson for the environment and biodiversity.

“This money is just a drop in the ocean of what is needed to tackle the threats facing our Reef.

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Qld Labor keeps failing on fracking

“Fracking puts lives and livelihoods at risk”, says Greens Senator and spokesperson for Mining and Resources Andrew Bartlett.

“The news about Santos’ new Arcadia Valley coal seam gas project is the result of Queensland Labor’s refusal to acknowledge this reality.

“Queensland Labor could follow the lead of their Victorian counterparts and ban fracking or they could allow Santos who’ve given them tens of thousands of dollars in political donations to put lives and livelihoods at risk.

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Myth of ‘sovereign risk’ on Adani mine is busted

“The only constituency that really matters to Labor, the Liberals and the Nationals is their major donors, particularly in the fossil fuel sector”, said Senator Andrew Bartlett, Australian Greens spokesperson for Mining and Resources.

In the last 3 years alone the fossil fuel industry has donated more than $3.9million to the Labor, Liberal and National parties. So it is no surprise that politicians from all 3 parties continue to wilfully mislead voters about the economic case for coal mining.

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Coalition's legacy will be the extermination of our native species

The Coalition’s plan to cut the jobs of people working in the Environment Department specifically to protect threatened species can not be allowed to proceed, says Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett and spokesperson for the environment and biodiversity.

"This is a deliberate attempt to clear they way for Turnbull’s mates in the mining and property development industry.

"Community campaigners and conservationists have successfully stopped many destructive projects in the past because they would have decimated threatened species habitat.

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