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Brandis fails in attempt to jail Queenslanders involved peaceful Pine Gap protests

Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett has welcomed the decision of a Federal Court Judge in Brisbane today not to jail six Queensland residents who engaged in peaceful protests at the Pine Gap Military Base.

The Federal government and Attorney-General George Brandis tried to escalate their charges using a draconian Cold War era law and urged the Judge to jail the protestors.

"Today marks a failed attempt by the Attorney-General and the Federal government to stifle the Pine Gap protestors' freedom of speech and freedom to express their religious beliefs.

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Labor should pull support for Shell and Arrow CSG Development deal

Shell and Arrow Energy have struck a deal without intervention from the Queensland government to push forward with the biggest coal seam gas development on the east coast.

Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett said:

“The deal between Shell and Arrow Energy when combined have given tens of thousands of dollars to the Labor Party is yet another example of the corporate stranglehold over politics Queenslanders are sick of."

“Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk should pull Labor’s support for this project."

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Adani Will Not Go Ahead

Much has been said about the result of the Queensland state election last weekend—many times in this chamber and of course in many other places in my home state of Queensland. As with any election, there are many issues involved in shaping the votes of the millions of Queenslanders across that state. But, certainly, key amongst those issues is the Adani Carmichael mine.

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Adani puts ex LNP and Qld Labor figures on the payroll

Adani puts ex LNP and Qld Labor figures on the payroll

"The record Queensland Greens vote and the possibility of Greens Candidate Michael Berkman winning the seat of Maiwar has spooked Adani into hiring a lobby firm stacked with senior figures from the Liberal National Party and Queensland Labor," says Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett.

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NSW government will nail themselves into the same coffin as the QLD major parties

"The Queensland state election results prove that new coal projects are an economic, environmental, social, and now an electoral disaster,” says Australian Greens spokesperson for Mining & Resources and Senator for Queensland, Andrew Bartlett.

“Support for the two major parties fell to the lowest on record since 1904 because the people of Queensland are sick of politicians in the pockets of big business."

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The Adani mine continues to be a Fake Jobs Con

Greens Mining & Resources spokesperson Senator Andrew Bartlett visited Townsville today to discuss Chinese Government money financing the Adani mine.

“Labor, LNP and One Nation are lying to the people of North Queensland and now we have another example of why you can’t trust them."

“Let’s be clear: the Adani mine is a fake jobs con. It will create only a small number of permanent jobs, while putting tens of thousands of other jobs in regional Queensland at risk."

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It's time to close Pine Gap

I'd like to speak tonight about something that's happening right now in Alice Springs involving a number of people from my home state of Queensland. It is a trial that's occurring about some people who conducted a peaceful protest at Pine Gap quite recently. The Pine Gap spy base has been in operation now for just over 50 years. This original Pine Gap agreement with the US government was signed in 1966.

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Marriage Equality Tribute

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the people of Queensland for so resoundingly demonstrating their support for marriage equality and for removing discrimination from our Marriage Act—discrimination that was put in place by this parliament in 2004. Queensland came in at just over 60 per cent. Nearly 61 per cent of the people of Queensland who filled in the unnecessary postal survey expressed their support for marriage equality. I was particularly pleased to see that this was a higher figure than for the state of New South Wales, which came in at under 58 per cent.

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Energy Prices and the Cost of Living

Andrew Bartlett 15 Nov 2017

I would like to speak tonight about some recent data that, once again, demonstrate just how much our economy and political system are rigged in favour of the wealthy and the well-off. This latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show how much the discredited, so-called trickle-down system of economics—that puts markets before people and that has been promoted by both parties of the Establishment—has failed the majority of the community.

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