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Bring Tamil family of four back to Biloela

Media Release
Andrew Bartlett 12 Mar 2018

Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett is backing the people of Biloela and calling for Peter Dutton to return a family of four ripped from their community.

“A Tamil family living and working in Biloela in regional Queensland, integrating and contributing to their community in precisely the way the federal government says migrants should has been subjected to traumatic treatment at the Department of Home Affairs direction, said Senator Bartlett.  

“The family had been living in regional Queensland for four years, and have two Australian born children one just 7 months old.

“After being taken from their family home and flown to Melbourne they’re being held in detention and face deportation back to Sri Lanka a country with a long and bloodied history of oppressing Tamil people.

“This family is not just a statistic they’re human beings who’ve contributed to and are in turn valued members of their new community.

“We can not stand by and allow these horrific, cruel and pointless misuses of force for supposed political gain to continue.

“I encourage everyone to sign this petition started by the people of Biloela who want these valued members of their community returned.

Greens spokesperson for Immigration Senator Nick Mckim said what happened to the family is a shocking abuse of power.

“Peter Dutton is sending in his forces to drive families out of the country. This is not what Australia wants or expects.

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