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The Government neglects the environment and our Reef, no one is surprised.

Media Release
Andrew Bartlett 4 Jun 2018

The budget papers have shown that the 400 million dollars allocated for the Great Barrier Reef are a smokescreen for the government’s continued inaction on global warming, threatened species, and environmental protection, says Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett and spokesperson for the environment and biodiversity.

“This money is just a drop in the ocean of what is needed to tackle the threats facing our Reef.

“The government has finally admitted in their Budget documents that increased ocean temperatures are a reality, but rather than taking meaningful steps to reduce emissions, phase out coal fired power and commit to no new thermal coal mines, it’s spending money on more water quality testing and a PR campaign.

“According to the environment department’s own records they are ‘not on track’ to meet its legal obligations on threatened species and threatened ecosystems.  

“Rather than funding recovery management plans for our threatened species, the department is seeking to outsource its responsibilities to the private sector.

“While the government prioritises increasing the profits of the big end of town and tax cuts for the rich, our Reef and all the communities and jobs in Queensland which depend on it will continue to suffer.

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