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MYEFO Report: Government gives middle finger to the Environment

“The MYEFO’s glaring omission of any significant spending support on the Environment proves this Government cannot be trusted with our future,” says Greens environment spokesperson, Senator Andrew Bartlett.

“The only meaningful action this Government has made in the Environment space has been their cynical attempt to restrict the tax deductibility of donations made to environment advocacy organisations.  

“This Government has overseen a decline in spending to preserve our natural environment, and shown a reckless disregard for preserving land and water quality.

“The lack of acknowledgement in the MYEFO of our major environmental challenges demonstrates yet again that the Coalition is happy to put the short-term profits of their corporate mates and donors ahead of a future which provides a clean, safe, healthy environment for us all.

“This government has given the middle finger to the environment, and to future generations hoping to inherit a clean, safe, and healthy place to live.


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