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Qld Labor betrays us by extending coal mining lease another 25 years

Media Release
Andrew Bartlett 4 Jan 2018

The state Labor government’s decision to issue a lease to extend the life of the Boundary Hill coal mine betrays Queenslanders while serving the interests of the Labor Party’s paymasters in the fossil fuel industry says Queensland Greens Senator and spokesperson for Mining and Resources, Andrew Bartlett.  

"Coal kills. If we don’t invest in renewable, clean energy,  parts of Queensland will become unlivable, natural disasters will be far worse and farming will be devastated.

What’s stopping this investment we urgently need is political and corporate greed.

Fossil fuel companies donate millions to both Labor and the Liberals and in return, they’re allowed to poison our climate and make an obscene profit.

We must fix the rigged system that allows fossil fuel companies to have a stranglehold on our politics.

We must demand our elected representatives work for a future for all of us.

Background: The Minister for Natural Resources Anthony Lynham has today announced that Batchfire Callide Pty Ltd has been granted a mining lease for their Boundary Hill mine extending the life of the operations for 2043.

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