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Queensland Greens call on Mayor of Ipswich to explain if waste sector donations behind decision to bin recycling

Media Release
Andrew Bartlett 20 Apr 2018

Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett is calling on the Mayor of Ipswich to explain if waste sector donations were behind the councils decision to bin recycling.

"Politics is broken when we can’t trust our politicians to handle something as simple and common sense as recycling.

"We know the biggest donor to the Mayor of Ipswich's election campaign was from the waste sector.

"What did they expect for the tens of thousands of dollars pumped into the campaign?  

"Who profits when recycling goes straight to landfill?

"This stinks of more of the same from the Ipswich City Council, more dodgy deals done for mates, no matter what the cost to the environment and the people of Ipswich.  

"We need to kick corporate money out of our politics.

"We need to fix the rigged system that put the profits of rich who can afford to make donations to politicians ahead of a future for all of us.  

"The Queensland Greens don’t take corporate donations, we will fix the broken political system and work for a future for all of us.

"The people of Ipswich have a clear choice in the coming council elections in 2020.

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