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Queensland Greens stand with XXXX workers

Media Release
Andrew Bartlett 18 Apr 2018

The Queensland Greens unequivocally support the right for XXXX workers to strike for fair pay and conditions, says Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett.

"XXXX workers are walking off the job for the third time today over the use of contracts and reported moves to shift production interstate.

"Across Australia, workers are working longer hours for less pay, and their jobs are becoming increasingly insecure, while corporate profits increase.

"Industrial action has won us: sick pay, annual leave and the eight-hour workday.

"Since the 1970s strike action has decreased by 97 percent and we are now experiencing the lowest wage growth in a generation.

"Workers must have the right to demand decent pay and conditions through industrial action.

"While big corporations can force workers into low paid, insecure jobs, Labor’s Fair Work Act has stripped workers of their right to strike and their ability to fight back without first jumping through countless legal hoops.

"The Greens are committed to the fight to regain the right to strike, increase workplace rights and giving power to working people in the long term.

"XXXX is a Queensland icon. Their corporate owners should learn the lessons of CUB in Victoria who tried to sack their entire maintenance workforce and rehire them on contracts.

"They backed down after the community rallied behind the workers and boycotted CUB beer".

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