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Queensland Labor should return $100,000 given to them by the gambling industry since 2015.

Media Release
Andrew Bartlett 9 Mar 2018

Queensland Labor should return the $100,000 given to them by the gambling industry says Queensland Greens Senator and spokesperson for gambling, Andrew Bartlett.

"Since Queensland Labor was elected in 2015, they’ve taken over $100,000 from the gambling industry".

"That’s $100,000 to stand aside and let billionaire pokie barons destroy lives, communities, and families for the sake of profit.

"On the Gold Coast alone $1 million is lost to pokies per day.

"In Queensland alone, $2.34 billion was lost to pokies in one year

"Until the Queensland Labor Party return the money they won't represent us, they'll represent their backers in the gambling industry".

Senator Bartlett attended the Australasian Hospitality and Gaming Expo at the Brisbane Convention Centre today and is available for comment.

"It is a shame to see the flashing lights of the poker machine peddlers being so all-pervasive.

"There are so many other entertainment and employment opportunities in the hospitality industry that do not have to deliberately create and target gambling addicts to make a profit.

"The pokies barons and corporations may have had a win in the Tasmanian election, but the Greens will continue our fight to get pokies out of our pubs and clubs around the country".

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