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Take back control from mining companies: join the Greens

Media Release
Andrew Bartlett 12 Jan 2018

Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett invites Queenslanders who want politicians to stop sacrificing workers, the environment, and climate in the name of corporate profit to join the Greens.

"Mining companies want to cook the climate, ruin the environment, get their hands on even more public money and treat workers like garbage.

Any politician that represented Queenslanders would reject all of this, but Labor and the Liberals don’t work for us, they work for big business.

Fossil fuel companies donate millions to both political parties, get massive handouts of public money, make billions in profit, then dodge their taxes.

To keep the millions in donations flowing, Labor and the Liberals let them get away with it.

Our political system has been hijacked to feed corporate and political greed.

Wages have stopped growing, corporate profits are at a record high, and Queensland has just had its hottest year on record.

In every state and territory and in Canberra corporations are the ones in power and they don’t care about climate change or workers rights, they’re out for one thing: profit.

Profit to pay their CEOs obscene salaries, to make sure that when the worst of climate change hits they can buy their way out of the consequences.

The Greens want to stop corporations and for-profit organisations donating to political parties and put an end to their influence in politics.

We took this policy to the State Election and won our first ever seat in Queensland Parliament and the highest Green vote the State has ever seen.

To Queenslanders who want a political system that works for a future for all of us: I invite you to join us.

Senator Bartlett was responding to the pre-Budget submission from the Minerals Council of Australia which asked the government to weaken environmental protections, make it near impossible for workers to take strike action, restrict workers being represented by their union, and push ahead with corporate tax cuts.

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