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It's time for a new kind of politics

"It’s time for a new kind of politics," said Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett in his Maiden Speech yesterday.

 "People have asked me how it feels to back in the Senate. I have to say that I find politics as conducted by mainstream politicians, and many in the mainstream media, to be nastier, stupider and with even less effort given by many to even pretend to care about whether their statements are true or not.

“The impact of policies on everyday people is repeatedly ignored, with immediate short-term political factors holding sway.

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It's time to close Pine Gap

I'd like to speak tonight about something that's happening right now in Alice Springs involving a number of people from my home state of Queensland. It is a trial that's occurring about some people who conducted a peaceful protest at Pine Gap quite recently. The Pine Gap spy base has been in operation now for just over 50 years. This original Pine Gap agreement with the US government was signed in 1966.

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